Projects can affect your property value, from simple DIY updates to big renovation jobs. When you’re improving your home, it can be disappointing to realize the project you’re excited about won’t boost property value. If you’re trying to sell a home, do your research to learn about smart investments. Here are several projects that don’t add value.

Low-Quality Paint Jobs

When painting a room, the technique is important. Preparing surfaces properly, applying paint evenly, and using high-quality paint can make all the difference. Homeowners often tackle painting projects on their own to save money. Consequently, this can result in a poor-quality paint job and decrease the value of a home. If you’re planning to put the house on the market, hire a professional painter for this improvement. 

Projects That Don’t Add Value: Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Surprisingly, wall-to-wall carpeting can decrease the value of a home. There has been a shift in flooring preferences from carpeting to hardwood and tile. Having carpet as the primary flooring of your home may deter prospective buyers. When replacing floors, consider hardwood floors instead of carpets.

High-End Lighting

Ornate lighting fixtures add style and improved illumination to your home but have little effect on your home’s value. These additions can be costly, and every buyer will have personal style preferences. Install simple fixtures if you need to upgrade the lighting or invest in a different home improvement project to boost property value.

Garage and Bedroom Conversion Projects Don’t Add Value

Some homeowners convert unused space into something more practical, such as turning a garage into a family playroom. This change can decrease the value of a home for buyers looking for a functional garage in their new house. A garage conversion can be costly, especially if the new room needs plumbing or electrical work. 

Likewise, converting a bedroom to a home office or removing a closet decreases the number of bedrooms in your home, which hurts the overall value.

Luxury Kitchen Remodel

High-end appliances and luxury countertops improve the look and functionality of your kitchen. Despite this, the investment for these updates is costly, and you won’t recover the total cost when selling. Consider a more cost-effective and practical kitchen renovation to make a significant profit.

Installing a Swimming Pool

Backyard swimming pools are fun and relaxing for some families but an expensive burden to others. Adding a pool to the backyard may turn off prospective buyers who don’t want to take on expensive maintenance costs. Many homebuyers prefer a large backyard instead of a pool.

Specific upgrades to a house do not affect the property value or may even lower it. Consider your budget and the potential return on investment before taking on a new project in a home you plan to sell.

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