It is always a good idea to add value to your home through upgrades, and this is especially important if you are planning to sell. Here are 5 ways that you can increase your home’s value.

Add Value to Your Home with Landscaping

Good landscaping is one of the best ways to make your property worth more. Bushes, shrubs, and trees add interest and dimension to your yard and improve curb appeal.

Invest in varieties of plants that bloom year after year, so your landscape will come back to life on its own every spring. Buyers want attractive but low-maintenance yards. Consider planting a native, non-invasive ground cover instead of grass in some areas of the yard to make the property more interesting.

Build a Deck

Adding a deck to your house increases the living space without having to pay for a whole addition. A deck costs a fraction of adding more interior square footage to your home. Outdoor living spaces are appealing to potential buyers. They are great places to host gatherings and entertain guests. Build a deck or replace an aging deck to add value to your home.

Replace the Windows

Windows have a direct effect on the energy efficiency of the home. New, well-sealed windows help the house maintain the set temperature and reduce heating and cooling bills. This upgrade is a significant investment, but it will raise the home’s value and lower energy costs, eventually paying for itself. Choose double or triple-paned windows with argon gas in between the panes to provide extra insulation.

Remove Carpeting

Carpeting is appropriate and sometimes preferred for certain parts of the house, like bedrooms, but not for the whole house. Most homebuyers prefer hard floor options like hardwood, vinyl, or tile in common areas like the living room and kitchen.

Also, any room with a water source should not have carpet because it is absorbent and likely to grow mold. If your home has a lot of carpeting, rip it out and replace it with more appealing hard flooring material.

Repaint the Interior to Add Value to Your Home

Neutral interior colors make a home look more spacious and bright. Bright and bold colors on the walls could turn off potential homebuyers, even when they just look at the online listing. Darker colors are harder to paint over and cover up. Paint the interior of your home with light, neutral tones to make it more appealing to the majority of homebuyers.

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