Proper Smoke Detector Placement is Key to Fire Safety

Smoke detectors save lives. When in working order and properly placed, they are one of the best ways to keep people safe in the event of a fire. These devices alert anyone in the home to the danger, giving them extra time to escape the building. However, many homeowners don’t keep up with smoke detector maintenance and testing. Test your home’s detectors monthly to verify the alarm works. Read on to learn more about proper smoke detector placement in the home.

Bedrooms and Hallways

Every bedroom in a home should have its own smoke detector. Since most people sleep with their bedroom doors closed at night, you’re separated from the rest of the home. Because we tend to be less alert when in our bedrooms, proper smoke detector placement is especially crucial.

Sleeping with your door closed makes it harder to hear, smell, and see signs of a fire. A smoke detector in each bedroom helps to alert everyone in the home of danger. Also, be sure to install devices in the hallways outside of sleeping areas. These will sound an alarm if a fire breaks out elsewhere in the home before the detector in a closed bedroom.

Add a Detector in the Kitchen

It’s important to have a smoke detector in or near your kitchen since a majority of house fires begin in this room. Sure, it can be annoying when you’re cooking and accidentally trigger an alarm, but false alarms will be reduced by proper placement of the device. Install your kitchen smoke detector 10 to 12 feet away from any cooking appliances. If something is burning or smoking in the kitchen, the alarm will be the first warning that something isn’t right.

A Smoke Detector for Every Level

If your home has multiple levels, place at least one smoke detector on each floor. If you don’t have a bedroom on the first floor, it’s still important to have devices in the living and dining room areas. Fire may start from unattended candles or electronic devices that are plugged in and overheat.

Other Areas for Smoke Detector Placement

Smoke detectors should also be installed in basements, attics, and the laundry room. A house fire could start anywhere and these are places a fire might spread quickly. If you sleep in a second-floor bedroom and a fire breaks out near the furnace in the basement, a detector will notify you of the emergency.

Smoke detectors are an easy way to keep your family safe. The only upkeep they require is monthly testing and regular battery replacement. Check the smoke detectors in your home to make sure they are operating correctly. Set a reminder in your phone to change the batteries twice each year.

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