If you’re buying a home, talk to your real estate agent about making the offer contingent on the findings of an inspection. A home inspection alerts you to problems and safety issues you may not have noticed during your initial tour of the property. Most homebuyers don’t have the knowledge and experience to locate every area of concern. This is why it is important to order a home inspection before going forward with your purchase.

A Home Inspector is Trained to Assess the Property

There may be issues with the home that should be addressed before finalizing the purchase, and a professional inspector has the experience and expertise to find them. An inspector is well-trained to notice problems and safety concerns within the home. He or she understands how a property should be constructed and is familiar with how every system and component of the home should be functioning.

The inspector will look for issues that could affect the structure of the home, such as defective building materials and severe water damage. He or she will check the roof for leaks and will note the approximate age of the materials. The inspector will assess the electrical and plumbing systems as well.

Find Problems Before Closing When You Order a Home Inspection

Your home inspector will look for issues that affect safety. Foundation damage leads to a home that is not structurally sound and unsafe to live in. Roofing damage can cause leaks and problems with the structure and interior of the home. Installing a new roof is pricey and, as the buyer, you want to know what to expect in the coming years of homeownership. Outdated wiring can also be dangerous, leading to electrical shocks or a house fire.

If major issues are discovered, the information in the inspection report gives you the ability to renegotiate the purchase. You might ask the homeowner to make repairs, for example, to update old aluminum wiring, before the sale is finalized. If the seller is unwilling or unable to remedy major issues, you could offer a lower price for the home.

Order a Home Inspection to Plan for Future Repairs

If the inspection is performed and no major issues are found, move forward with the sale feeling positive about your purchase. The information in the inspection report provides an outline for future home improvements. Your inspector may have noted the sink in the basement doesn’t work or that there are no functioning power outlets in the mudroom. Those issues, while not being deal-breakers, could be first on your to-do list after moving into the home. You’ll know where all the smaller issues are and can plan upgrades accordingly when you order a home inspection.

It is important to know about problems with a property before you purchase it. Issues that are not readily apparent could turn into major nuisances, or even cause damage to your home in a few months or years. Safety issues might not reveal themselves until someone has experienced an injury. Knowing about these things ahead of time allows you to be as informed as possible when moving into a new home.

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