If you have accumulated a lot of belongings, your home may begin to feel cluttered. Clutter is challenging to clean and leads to stress and frustration. Keeping a tidy and organized home improves how you feel about your living space and makes it easier to find things. Here are a few tips to help you declutter your home.

Declutter Your Home: Start Small

If you’re overwhelmed by clutter, don’t try to clean everything at once. Set realistic and achievable goals, so you don’t give up before you make progress. Dedicate five to ten minutes each day to organizing and decluttering your home. As you notice less clutter, you’ll feel motivated to continue. Make the process simple and streamlined by concentrating on one room or area at a time. Listen to music or a podcast while you work to pass the minutes.

Stay Organized and Sort Items

As you work on decluttering your home, go through each room and place items into boxes labeled “recycle/trash” or “donate/sell.” As you sort your belongings, ask yourself if you need an item or have used it in the last six months. Things you aren’t using shouldn’t take up valuable space in the home.

Let friends have things you’re giving away and drop unclaimed pieces at a local charity. Alternatively, sell your belongings online or host a yard sale.

Next, sort the things you intend to keep to inventory what you own and plan ways to organize.

Use Storage Containers to Help Declutter Your Home

Once you’ve donated or thrown away things you don’t need, invest in storage bins, drawer organizers, hooks, and shelves to stay organized. After using something, put it back in its designated place.

Every time you leave a room, take one thing that belongs elsewhere with you to put away. When going to the kitchen for a snack, carry coffee mugs and plates from the living room to put in the dishwasher.

Keep Your Home Tidy with a Daily Routine

After you’ve decluttered your home, take steps to keep it that way. To stay organized, spend a few minutes daily picking up around the house. Throw away trash and collect things to get rid of in a cardboard box or plastic tote. A few minutes each day keeps the clutter from piling up and ruining the progress you’ve made.

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